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More than 55 million Americans own savings bonds, often purchased through payroll withholding plans or received as gifts. All US Savings Bonds stop earning interest at final maturity, forty years or less from the issue date.

The total value of unredeemed bonds that have reached final maturity currently exceeds $17 billion. And each year over 15,000 savings bonds and 25,000 bond interest payments go undelivered when the owner moves and fails to provide a forwarding address. With added interest, unredeemed bonds can now be worth more than five times the original face value.

Only owners of Series H or HH U.S. bonds that pay interest by check (less than 1% of all bonds) are notified when bonds reach final maturity. All others, including holders of Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds and family members whose deceased relatives may have owned savings bonds, must take affirmative action to replace or redeem forgotten bonds.

In addition to savings bonds, the United States Treasury is also holding over $200 million in registered securities that have stopped earning interest, as well as millions of dollars in securities held under government safekeeping programs.

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