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Government agencies are holding over $30 billion in unclaimed property and missing money. Financial assets become unclaimed in the eyes of the law when contact with the owner is lost - due to a name change after marriage or divorce, an unreported address change, incomplete or illegible records, and most commonly, on death.

In addition to those who have neglected to claim assets to which they are directly entitled, family members are often unaware they’re eligible to collect unclaimed money and property owed deceased relatives, who passed on without leaving an updated will or adequate financial records.

More than one-quarter of all life insurance policies go unclaimed on the death of the insured. Why? It's up to family members to notify the insurance company when a policyholder dies - virtually no effort is made to find lost beneficiaries and missing heirs.

When owners or heirs fail to communicate an interest in an asset over a specified number of years known as the dormancy period, those left holding unclaimed funds: banks, stock brokers and transfer agents, employers and life insurance companies - transfer the monies to a government trust account in a legal process known as escheat.

Along with tens of billions of unclaimed dollars owed by government agencies themselves, here this money awaits your claim!

Savings Bonds The value of unredeemed bonds that have reached final maturity currently exceeds $17 billion. With added interest an old bond could be worth more than five times its original face value. Savings Bond Search
Lost Bank Accounts Don't assume an unclaimed account is lost after years of inactivity, even if a bank closed due to merger or bankruptcy. Funds may have been transferred, or you may be entitled to deposit insurance. Bank Search
Life Insurance More than 25% of all life insurance policy benefits go unpaid on death of the insured. Life insurance companies make virtually no effort to find lost heirs and beneficiaries. Life Insurance Search
401k Retirement Each year, $850 million in 401(k) retirement plan assets owed employees of companies that have gone bankrupt or ceased operations go unclaimed or are forgotten by family members. 401k Search
IRA 50 million Americans have IRA's. Individual Retirement Accounts worth billions go unclaimed every year, because owners or heirs fail to take required distributions or cash benefit checks. IRA Search
Asset Tracers Have you been contacted by a professional heir finder or asset tracer demanding 35% or more for information on unclaimed money? Find and claim the funds yourself. Asset Tracers & Heir Finders
Missing Inheritances Custodians are holding billions in unclaimed money owed relatives of deceased family members who can't be found because they've moved or changed name after marriage or divorce. Unclaimed Asset Search
IRS Tax Refunds Last year IRS income tax refund checks totaling $153 million -- an average of over $1500 per taxpayer -- went undelivered and were not cashed.  IRS Refund Search
HUD Refunds Thousands of homeowners and those who sold homes with FHA insured mortgages are entitled to collect $500 million in unclaimed HUD mortgage insurance premium refunds.  HUD Refund Search
Social Security Most family members do not know they are entitled to receive unclaimed money and benefits, as financial records are often incomplete or missing at the time of death. Social Security Death Benefit Search
Railroad Retirement The Railroad Retirement Board provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to railroad employees and heirs. 40,000 eligible for payment have not made claims. Railroad Retirement Benefit Search
FDIC Insurance Did you have an account at a failed savings and loan or credit union? You may be entitled to collect insurance proceeds - up to $250,000 per account. FDIC Insured Account Search
Mutual Life Policies Millions of mutual life policyholders and heirs are eligible to claim cash and stock arising from the demutualization of  MetLife, Prudential, John Hancock, MONY and others. Life Insurance Benefit Search
Stocks & Bonds Millions of current and former shareholders are entitled to unclaimed stock and dividends. Even if a stock or mutual fund is no longer listed, shares may still have value. Stock Search
Safe Deposit Box Did a deceased family member had a safe deposit box, but you don't know where? Have you found a safe deposit key, but don't know how to find the box? Safe Deposit Search
Missing Heirs Government agencies are holding billions in assets owed family members of deceased relatives. Most do not know they're entitled to make a claim due to lost or incomplete records. Unclaimed Inheritance Search
Veteran Benefits Unclaimed veteran benefits include death and disability payments, burial allowances, life insurance, unclaimed military pay, Adjusted Service Bonds and Armed Forces Leave Bonds Veteran Benefits Search
Indian Money The Bureau of Indian Affairs holds in excess of $3.4 billion for over 500,000 Native Americans. The whereabouts of at least 47,000 owed money is unknown. Indian Trust Fund Search
Postal Savings System Upon termination of the Postal Savings System, hundreds of thousands of U.S. Postal Savings System Certificates and U.S. Postal Savings Bonds went unredeemed. US Postal Savings System
Screen Actor Residuals The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is looking for thousands of performers whose residual checks - royalties earned from television and film performances - have gone unclaimed. Screen Actor Residual Search
Pension Funds Pension plan administrators make little effort to locate lost beneficiaries. Many private pension plans are federally insured, so even if a company closed it may be possible to receive benefits. Pension Search
Bankruptcy Claims Bankruptcy courts hold over $200 million in unclaimed distributions owed creditors. Proceedings can take years, but once resolved little effort is made to locate those owed money. Bankruptcy Claim Search
Government Pensions Millions of dollars in Civil Service & Federal Employment Retirement System (FERS) benefits, including Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) accounts, go unpaid each year. Government Pension Search
Rebate Payments Millions of dollars in mail-in rebate checks are never cashed and unclaimed each year. Even if a rebate check has an expiration date, you may be able to obtain payment. Unclaimed Rebate Search
Mineral Royalties Unclaimed royalties are often easily forgotten by heirs, because most oil, gas & mining companies wait until certain minimum payments accrue before they will issue a check. Mineral Royalty Search
IRA Retirement 50 million Americans have IRA's. Individual Retirement Accounts worth billions go unclaimed every year, because owners or heirs fail to take required distributions or cash benefit checks. IRA Search
Child Support States collect billions of dollars annually in court-ordered child support payments. Three-quarters of a billion dollars have gone undistributed & unclaimed. Unclaimed Child Support
Gift Card Refunds Last year alone, gift cards worth $8 billion were lost, forgotten or otherwise went unused. In many instances new state laws allow for refunds or replacement, even if the card has an expiration date. Gift Card Refund
Author Royalties The Writers Guild of America is holding in excess of $13 million in unclaimed compensation for thousands of US-based authors, directors and copyright holders.   Writers Guild Royalty Payments
Actor Residuals The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is holding money for thousands of performers whose residuals checks - royalties earned from television and film performances - have gone unclaimed.   SAG Royalties
African American Claims Payments of $50,000 each are available to African American &  Native American farmers who were discriminated against in obtaining loans by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA).  Discrimination Settlement
Native American Claims On 11/30/10 Congress approved a class action lawsuit settlement authorizing $3.4 billion in compensation owed to over 500,000 Native American Indians.   Indian Money Search
Unclaimed Checks Failure to cash or deposit a check does not terminate your right to the funds and the issuer's responsibility to pay. This is generally true even if a check specifies a 'void-after' date.  Unclaimed Checks
Music Royalties Over $360 million in digital music royalties from internet webcasts, satellite radio and cable television play are due recording artists, musicians & copyright owners.  Music Royalty Payments Search

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